5 government jobs where you can earn more than $ 150,000

5 government jobs where you can earn more than $ 150,000
5 government jobs

5 government jobs, where you can earn more than $ 150,000

If what you want is to enjoy a good salary, then maybe you should consider working in the government, since there are good jobs that do not pay anything bad, and without needing you to get into politics.

Next, we share five of the positions that have a higher salary.

5 Chief Engineer

These engineers work primarily for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and it is where the electronic systems, maintenance, supplies and engineering personnel that are on board are investigated. the agency.

These boats participate in international studies and research on the oceans. The engineers of these ships are the second most important, after the captain.

-Your average salary per year is $ 150,803 dollars.

4 General or statistical mathematics

The government of the United States contracts them in a great variety of agencies, such as the Inspection and Food Security Service or even the FBI.

These experts are able to identify trends and perform analysis of the Census data. In the case of the FBI, he hires them to work as special agents.

All of them need to have a bachelor’s degree in order to work with the government. In the case of the FBI they also have to have a training in Quantico, Virginia.

-Your average salary per year is $ 153,214 dollars.

3 Technical program manager

They are the ones who oversee the aviation security programs for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). That is, they ensure that the nation’s airports comply with safety standards.

These managers coordinate the work of civil engineers, environmental specialists, financial specialists and others who are responsible for planning and implementing technical and security systems in airports.

-Your average salary per year is $ 153,430 dollars.

2 Patent Manager

They handle complex procedures, processing and filing patent applications, as well as ensuring that the inventions to be registered comply with patent laws.

These professionals need engineering knowledge to be able to review technical patent applications.

-Your average salary per year is $$ 161,308 dollars.

1 Financial examiners

A single financial fraud can destroy a company or cost investors billions of dollars. This is why examiners are paid very well, since they are responsible for detecting financial fraud.

For this, they conduct audits to industries and companies in the banking or stock exchange industry, although they have also discovered fraud in technology, food and entertainment businesses.

-Your average salary per year is $ 181,013 dollars.


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