Bitcoin raises its price again and already exceeds $10,000

Bitcoin raises its price again and already exceeds $10,000
Bitcoin raises

The bitcoin
, the star cryptocurrency, is progressively recovering the levels acquired in 2017, when it reached the historical maximum of this digital currency reached $ 19,000 a unit at the end of that year.

Currently a bitcoin is equivalent to 9,406 euros. It is still far from the record figures of years ago, but, thanks to the digitalization of finances through the blockchain and Facebook‘s announcement of creating a cryptocurrency, the positive sentiment towards the sector is changing.

And is that different experts point to the impact of the company Mark Zuckerberg during the last week. The new digital currency, to which the magazine INVERSIÓN dedicates a complete report this week, has contributed to increase the favorable sentiment.

Bloomberg notes that bitcoin was revalued by approximately 5% in the last 4 days, and by 300% in the last 3 months.

Despite the big bump he suffered –bitcoin reached a record high of $ 19,511 in December 2017, rebounding 1,400% that year, and then followed by a collapse of 74% in 2018- and his subsequent mistrust in the world of investors, the trend is changing.

The plans of Facebook
The digital currency of Facebook is called Libra and its value will not depend on supply and demand, but will be linked to large financial companies to avoid their volatility. Some of the companies that participate in the Libra are MasterCard, PayPal, Uber or Ebay.

Therefore, Libra was born under the wing of 28 “founding members” that make up the Libra Association, an organization based in Geneva, Switzerland. This consortium of companies, which is open to the arrival of new entities, will be responsible for designating a council to develop and manage the network around this new cryptocurrency.

In addition to Facebook, within the Libra Association there are other well-known companies such as Vodafone, Spotify, Uber, Mastercard, PayPal, Visa, eBay or MercadoLibre.


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