Here’s why you shouldn’t retire early, even if you can

Here’s why you shouldn’t retire early — even if you can
Sam Dogen, a San Francisco-based blogger at the Financial Samurai, retired in 2012 when he was 34. Despite the many perks of early retirement — waking up whenever you want, for example — it wasn’t the easiest decision.

Dogen said he suffered an identity crisis after giving up his title as executive director at an investment firm. He also doubted himself for the first few years of early retirement. He stopped telling people that he had retired early because he worried they just wouldn’t understand. He was disappointed he didn’t feel happier with his supposedly carefree life. “I’m an extrovert who enjoys constant human interaction,” he told MarketWatch. “Losing the constant camaraderie of colleagues, competitors and clients was the most difficult to deal with. So much of my social network revolved around my job because I consistently worked 12 hour days.”

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