How to Invest in Second Half of 2019

How to Invest in Second Half of 2019

How to Invest in Second Half of 2019

The stock market just had it’s best six months in years and the best June performance since 1938…but that could actually be a warning sign for the rest of the year. In the ten years this has happened before, the S&P 500 crashed an average of 12% in the second half of the year and plunged 38% in one year.

I’m not saying a stock market crash is imminent but warning signs are popping up every day and the downside risk is building. I saw too many investors, and way too many nearing retirement, lose almost everything they had because they missed these same warning signs in 2008.

In this livestream, I’ll reveal those warning signs of a stock market crash and show you how to invest for the rest of the year. I’m sharing my the investing strategy I’m using with my own money, how to find stocks with value left and how to protect your money.

Source: Let’s Talk Money! with Joseph Hogue, CFA


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