Mastercard gives clues about the future cryptocurrency product with new job offers

Mastercard seems to be trying to enter the cryptocurrency space with new job advertisements for the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency related products.

According to the updated job listings of the payment giant on August 2, the company is looking to hire for the following positions:

Director of product management for cryptocurrencies / purses, director of product development and innovation for blockchain solutions architecture, and vice president for product management for blockchain / crypto.

An offer for cryptocurrency space?

Two of the new positions, the future director of product management for cryptocurrencies / purses and the future vice president of product management for blockchain / crypto, will lead a team focused on the development of solutions based on blockchain technology that include purses, they reveal Job listings.

Although neither announcement reveals all the details of the scope of the planned products, they do indicate that new employees will be asked to identify solutions and concepts “that have a strategic fit and value for Mastercard customers and partners.”

It is said that Mastercard, in particular, is one of the partners of the Libra Association, a consortium created to lead the Facebook stablecoin project, Libra.

This leaves open the question of whether or not Mastercard plans to embark on a plan as a provider of cryptocurrency solutions for associated projects such as Libra, or for other potential participants in crypto space.

Other possibilities

The future hiring of vice president for product management for blockchain / cryptos should have, in particular, “experience with current payment systems”, as well as “familiarity with industry standards and relevant regulatory requirements,” the announcement said.

All roles will be required to closely monitor the evolution of trends in the cryptocurrency ecosystem and lead the solutions for new technological advances, as well as for emerging risks.

As headline of the previous generation of global digital payment processors, Mastercard is increasingly adopting development related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Last week, the Nexo instant loan crypto company revealed that it would launch a credit card with the MasterCard brand.

In autumn 2018, Mastercard ranked third worldwide in a list that ranked global entities by the number of blockchain-related patents they had submitted to date.


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