Plus500 a reliable simple and innovative CFD’s broker

Plus500 a reliable simple and innovative CFD’s brokerPlus500 a reliable simple and innovative CFD's broker

Plus500 is one of the best brokers that exist at this moment. Easy and intuitive platform, tight spreads, free real time and a wide variety of underlying, make this broker the best option for traders of all styles. The levels of leverage are insurmountable and will give you the possibility to move more volume in the market with less money, and thanks to its secure trading systems you will never enter into debt with the broker even if you incur margin call. No doubt working with Plus500 is reliable.

It has established itself as a Contracts for Difference (CFD) provider, market leader. The conditions it offers to negotiate are unmatched thanks to its innovative trading technology. It also allows a variety of markets to work in:

  • Actions
  • Forex
  • Raw Materials
  • ETF
  • Options
  • Indices

It is a company whose registered office is in Israel, regulated and authorized in the most important financial centers of the world. It should be noted that Plus500 is listed on the London Stock Exchange (FTSE 250), its financial reports are fully public and accessible to anyone. Plus500 is authorized and regulated by:

  • Plus500UK Ltd authorized and regulated by the FCA (# 509909)
  • Plus500CY Ltd authorized and regulated by CySEC (# 250/14)
  • Plus500SG Pte Ltd is licensed as MAS (# CMS100648-1) and IE Singapore (# PLUS / CBL / 2018).
  • Plus500AU Pty Ltd owns AFSL # 417727 issued by ASIC, FSP No. 486026 issued by the FMA in New Zealand and Authorized Financial Service Provider # 47546 issued by the FSCA in South Africa. “
  • Authorized financial services provider in South Africa, FSP # 47546. It is not an owner and has no rights over financial assets. Please read the disclosure documents on the websiteWith more than 2000 instruments in its portfolio, Plus500 is a company committed to offering the best tools for real-time negotiations.

This company, which leads the online trading sector, is strongly committed to sports.

The financial instruments offered by the Plus500 platform offer the best benefits for people who want to operate in different markets with CFD. There are no commissions applied to instruments such as Forex, Indices, Commodities, ETF and Options, in addition to the fact that spreads and quotas are very low.

The website includes listings with descriptions of each of the instruments available in the portfolio where you will find detailed information on the financial status in real time, with advanced and easy-to-read graphs and data.

This way you can navigate among the wide range of underlying possibilities with all the information necessary to make the right financial decisions.

How Plus500 works

In this portal you can find different markets to start negotiating. The Forex market, also known as Forex, we can find more than 50 currency pairs to negotiate. The leverage to trade in the forex market is up to variable, and negotiations can begin immediately, making deposits through credit cards, PayPal, Skrill or bank transfers.

Plus500 also has CFDs on stocks of the most prestigious companies in the world, where you will find the titles of Google, Facebook or Coca-Cola, as well as Spanish companies such as BBVA, Santander or Telefonica. In the same way you will be able to trade with the stock market indices of the countries of the European Union and the United States.

On the other hand, in the commodities market, it is possible to trade with oil, gold and silver with a variable leverage ratio. In this market we can specify the position of our orders ourselves, applying market forecasts to determine the opening positions of purchase or sale, obtaining benefits from market functions.

We can specify the predefined limits of the gains and losses so that our position closes automatically when reaching the specified value.

Leverage levels vary among regulated Plus500 subsidiaries in accordance with the relevant regulatory requirements. For example, Spanish residents registered for a commercial account with Plus500CY Ltd will be offered a maximum leverage of up to 1:30. You can find more information about the leverage offered by the instrument at www.plus500.com

How to deposit money and collect

The policy of the company, like most of the sector, is that the method to withdraw funds is the same as that used to enter them. The accepted methods are the following:

  • Wire transfer
  • Card payment
  • Paypal
  • Skrill

It is important to mention that at the moment of paying or requesting the deposit in our account we must appear as holders thereof. Previously we must verify our identity.

Operates in different markets

You can operate in a demo version with fictitious money without a time limit, but if you prefer to operate with real money, opening an account will only take a few minutes. It is a CFD broker, so liquidity is assured, you just have to choose the underlying (commodities, stocks, currencies … etc.) and start trading. Thanks to its level of leverage you can operate with a capital of € 15,000 or € 30,000 for example, with only a fraction of the money, depends on the leverage offered in your country of residence, suitable for all types of accounts. You can choose different types of Stop orders, both limited, to protect your capital against very volatile scenarios and / or profit protection through dynamic stops. Operations in Plus500 have no commissions; Forgets the fees of the stock exchange, custody and brokerage costs, only a small fork is applied at the price that sometimes becomes ridiculous.

Applications and compatibility

The Plus500 Online platform is available for almost any current computer and mobile. In AppStore we can find applications for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. In financial assets, we value the new technologies applied to trading. There is also the application for Android and Windows Phone devices. For computers we find Windows Trader and a version available and updated for Windows 10 platforms, in addition to a Web version that can be used from any browser. All platforms work with free tools for negotiation such as professional graphics and in real time. Plus500 also offers practice platforms that do not require real capital, it is a fictitious money without risk.

Advantages for newcomers

Plus500 offers us a free demo account with no limitations.

Open Demo Account Here


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