The oil and gas giant pilots the new Modex blockchain platform

The oil and gas giant pilots the new Modex blockchain platform
The oil and gas giant pilots the new Modex blockchain platform

The blockchain startup Modex announced the launch of its blockchain-based database platform for simplified blockchain deployment, which will be piloted by Dietsmann, a major oil and gas company.

Simplify the adoption of blockchain technology
On September 19, Modex announced the launch of its latest product, the Modex Blockchain Database (Modex BCDB) platform, which simplifies the way in which companies can deploy blockchain technology projects.

According to the announcement, Modex BCDB allows companies to start blockchain projects in just a few hours, instead of days or even months. Mihai Ivascu, CEO and founder of Modex, said:

“With the launch of Modex BCDB, we are excited about the beginning of a new era of adoption of enterprise blockchain technology. We have developed Modex BCDB specifically taking into account the needs of companies to counteract the high barriers to adoption that have normally kept companies out of the way. ”

The oil and gas giant Dietsmann, founded in 1977 in the Netherlands, is one of the first partners to bring Modex BCDB to its industries. The company specializes in maintaining the production facilities of other companies.

Peter Kutemann, president and founder of Dietsmann, said that blockchain technology will benefit the company significantly and open new forms of collaboration with its main customers and suppliers, adding:

“The Modex Blockchain Database infrastructure allows Dietsmann to be operational in a private blockchain infrastructure at low cost in a matter of days, with high efficiency and minimal effort from our technical team.”


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